Gentlemen, first of all thank you for your interest in Barbaros TR-2!

I’m frequently receiving e-mails and messages from wetshavers inquiring about the status of the production.

Good news is that i am getting ready to make another batch of Barbaros with the intention of providing it continuously (not sure though).

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Best Regards

Current Situation

Dear wet shavers, thank you for your interest and emails about Barbaros.

Razor production is not my main job, I am just a wet shaving enthusiast like you. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons I had to take a few years off from manufacturing razors. I don’t myself machine the parts, I get them machined somewhere else then I do the rest, the polishing, which requires intense elbow grease and is very time consuming. In the previous releases I was able to prepare them by spending my own spare time for all the razors but it is not possible anymore. 

My status is still in the same state but I think (actually hope) I will be able to go back to business soon. I still don’t have a time schedule for it but I am optimistic. The only thing I doubt is the polishing. I am sure I can’t do it myself. If I find someone/somewhere to polish, I will work with them. Otherwise I am planning to offer razors in sandblasted finish or mid polished (not a mirrored finish, I may do this for a limited quantity).

I am also working on different designs but not ready to be published yet. The first plan is to release another batch of TR-2 and an open comb version of the it. Later I may focus on the other designs.

Best Regards